20" high

An elegant table lamp featuring a unique black-bamboo design
on all four sides. Please see the photo below for a more
accurate rendition of the actual colors.
The Asian-influenced case is crafted of African Mahogany, curly Hawaiian Koa and mango,
trimmed in Wenge, an African exotic wood that is nearly black. We apologize for the
not-so-good photo quality on this piece. It got whisked off to a gallery before
we had a chance to check the pictures.
The same lamp with different lighting. Shown here is the other side, so you
can see the different designs.This photo comes a lot closer to the actual
color of the glass. "Black bamboo" actually has very dark green
stalks. This photo also shows more clearly the Wenge
cross-pieces mortised through the uprights.

These works are designed and created by Skip Thomsen of Forestville, California
The design and execution of each of these pieces is unique and
will never be reproduced. All original designs and patterns for
the glass and the cases are destroyed after the piece is completed.


Updated 5/10/2012