Lamps and Art of Stained Glass and Fine Woods Sonoma County Stained Glass and Exotic Woods by Skip Thomsen
18" high

The Limited Edition Series
This Series of about six lamps is the only departure I have made from my promise to never produce
the same piece twice. In this Series, the basic design of the case is similar, but not identical, in all of
the lamps. I did this in an effort to reduce the number of hours spent in the design and execution of the
many individual pieces that go into each lamp, thereby being able to offer them for sale at more affordable
prices. The glass art is still unique to each lamp and is never the same twice. The bases are also
unique to each lamp, although similar enough to allow the each to share many pieces of the basic structure.
The first in this series depict wine county scenes in keeping with our beautiful
Sonoma County location.
The case is crafted of African Mahogany and local Red Oak.
These pieces are individually hand made with extraordinary attention to detail.
Each is signed by the artist and is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
These works are designed and created by Skip Thomsen of Forestville, California
The design and execution of each of these pieces is unique and
will never be reproduced. All original designs and patterns for
the glass and the cases are destroyed after the piece is completed.


Updated 10/15/2012