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___Contact Info______________
I am now available for glass design, construction, installation of stained-glass
work anywhere in or around Sonoma County. I'm also available for repairs of
existing stained-glass work, either on-site or in my studio.
If you take a liking to any of the original works shown on this Web site, I can
design for you a new one that is similar in nature, but not a copy of the original.
I also encourage the networking of other glass artists
in the area. Often an artist needs just that right little piece of
glass, and just as often, somebody else close by has it available.
Plerase call or email if you're interested!
Pricing and Ordering Info 
The prices on the works displayed in this Internet Portfolio
vary from $200 to $1500. Please click below for the current
pricing and availability, or contact me for pricing on
any piece of interest to you or for custom orders.
I can ship any of these pieces or you can pick
them up at my Forestville, California Studio.
Skip Thomsen, Forestville, California
Updated 4/10/2012