A desk lamp, 13" high

An adaptation of Craftsman Design (with some artistic license)
with a floral theme designed to bring a smile.
The base is crafted of vintage California walnut and African Wenge,
a wood that is almost black in color. It was used for the accent pieces.
hThe top of the lamp is about 8" x 14". The glass includes some rare pieces,
including the dark green background, which are no longer manufactured.
A whole different look with the lamp turned off. This lamp
uses one 8-wattt compact fluorescent bulb and casts
a warm friendly glow downward.
This particular lamp was specially created with lots of love for the artist's daughter, Kathryn.
These pieces are individually hand made with extraordinary attention to detail. Each is unique,
completely original and all patterns for each are destroyed when the project is complete.
There are some similarities between some of the lamps, but there are no two alike.
Each is signed by the artist and is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
These works are designed and created by Skip Thomsen of Forestville, California
The design and execution of each of these pieces is unique and
will never be reproduced. All original designs and patterns for
the glass and the cases are destroyed after the piece is completed.


Updated 5/10/2012