14" high

A small floral-themed art-glass table lamp with the
glass set into four posts of African Mahogany.
The base is crafted of solid Hawaii Koa.
Above and below are views showing two of the different
flower designs. No two sides are alike.
This lamp uses a single 14-watt compact fluorescent bulb and casts
a warm friendly glow all around.

These pieces are individually hand made with extraordinary attention to detail. Each is unique,
completely original and all patterns for each are destroyed when the project is complete.
There are some similarities between some of the lamps, but there are no two alike.
Each is signed by the artist and is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
This piece and its companion piece, "Flower Top," are exceptions to the above
policy in that the base design is the same on both. The woods
are different and the glass is unique on each.
These works are designed and created by Skip Thomsen of Forestville, California


Updated 1/25/2013