Lamps and Art of Stained Glass and Fine Woods


18" high
A lamp of art-glass and wood. The case is crafted of the spectacular wood
from an Austrailian Red Cedar in the artist's Hilo backyard.

The color intensity and translucency of the glass changes depending on the ambient light
in the room, closely resembling hot, flowing pahoehoe lava in similar natural light.

The lava is seen flowing in an intense river, originating from a pool carved into the top panel.
The flow runs through a field of hot lava, with small patches of forest in the distance.
A patch such as this, spared from the flows, is called a Kipuka.

The support of the lamp is a branch from the same tree as the brilliantly- grained
top and base. The dark trim is African Wenge.
The opposite side of the lamp shows another lava flow, with a third flow that continues around to the
end panel. The "lava pool" opening in the top was carved to align with the flow of the grain of the wood.
Another kipuka and the evening sky are seen in the distance.
The large tree at the left is the 40-foot-tall Australian Red Cedar
(Toona ciliata) in the artist's backyard. The wood in this lamp came
from a large branch that was removed from this tree.
The rest of the tall trees are mahogany.

These works are designed and created by Skip Thomsen of Forestville, California
The design and execution of each of these pieces is unique and
will never be reproduced. All original designs and patterns for
the glass and the cases are destroyed after the piece is completed.
Updated 4/10/2012