Lamps and Art of Stained Glass and Fine Woods Sonoma County Stained Glass and Exotic Woods by Skip Thomsen
21" high

An Asian-influenced table lamp featuring a
design of graceful Magnolia blossoms.

The case is crafted of Australian Red Cedar, trimmed
with Wenge, an African exotic wood that is nearly black.

The vertical supports are African mahogany
finished in many coats of black lacquer.

The green glass in this lamp is a no-longer-made replica of the amazing glass
used many years ago in the early 1900's studios of Louis Comfort Tiffany.
Its light dispersion quality is like none other. The photos do it no justice!
This end view, photographed outisde, better shows the elegance of the black-lacquered uprights.
The African mahogany cross-beams are fitted through perfectly-cut openings in the uprights.
This view also better shows the dramatic grain of the Australian Red Cedar.
This wood is from a branch taken from a tree in the artist's Hilo backyard.
Lighting is provided by two 14W compact fluorescent bulbs.
The base is approximately 9 x 14".

These works are designed and created by Skip Thomsen of Forestville, California
The design and execution of each of these pieces is unique and
will never be reproduced. All original designs and patterns for
the glass and the cases are destroyed after the piece is completed.


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Updated 5/10/2012